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Earn a commission for every one-of-a-kind piece you discover and share, when you sign up to become an Commission Market Plus Affiliate.

We are very glad to welcome you to the Commission Market Plus Affiliate Program! Thank you for being so generous to refer Commission Market Plus's websites to other people. This is the illustration of the rules of the Affiliate Program (‘Commission Market Plus Shop Affiliate Program General Terms’). These terms also incorporate the Privacy Policy of Commission Market Plus.

You should be fully aware of the online Master Campaign Agreement between you and us. The terms form part of this agreement and the Online Portal will receive your sign up. Among the other specific terms in the Online Portal, payment settings is also a part of our agreement. A Media Partner Services Agreement includes in the Online Portal. This agreement governs your use, access and platform services.

The Commission Market Plus Affiliate Program General Terms seriously refers to you when we mention “you”. Our reference to the “website”, we mean the websites of Commission Market Plus. The words ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘Commission Market Plus Shop’ clarifies our duty to own and run the websites.

We request to read what are your responsibilities. Then you will know how all of them work and what are the earning processes through referral income. Still, have questions popping on your mind? Submit a Help Ticket. We will help you to become an affiliate.

The first step of becoming an Commission Market Plus Affiliate, use the Online Portal to submit your application to join the program. Then you need to accept these Affiliate Program General Terms and the Commission Market Plus Privacy Policy.

After assessing your application, our sole discretion will decide if you are accepted or rejected. We will consider reasonable grounds to do so. Whether you can be an Commission Market Plus Affiliate or not totally depends on our final decision.

Before we approve your application finally, you need to submit a valid W8 or W9 Form to us.

Affiliate Program Offer: As an Commission Market Plus Affiliate, you have to consider each offer from our Online Portal.

Referral links and code: Your Affiliate Program account generates a unique referral link. If our terms meet your needs, you simply paste the referral link.

Referral earnings: According to the terms, you get referral earnings from Affiliate Program referral earnings. You should pay all the fees and taxes associated with your referral earnings. You get separate payments from Commission Market Plus as a Buyer. The payments also follow Online Portals. Correct payment provider detail is required. Paypal and Cryptocurrency is accepted.

Refunds and reversals: If any transaction onCommission Market Plus related to your referral earnings becomes a subject of refund and reversal, we consider the transaction unsuccessful. So, you must return the funds to us.

Termination: After the termination of these Affiliate Program General Terms, you will stop using and delete all the relevant links and Commission Market Plus intellectual property. You also may willingly terminate the Affiliate Program any time by removing affiliate links.